The Mango Tree Respite Center is a ministry of yours through the Church of the Nazarene in the Kingdom of Tonga.

The Center ministers to handicapped and disabled children and their families in the name of Christ.

Among other disabilities, a large number of children in Tonga are born with cerebral palsy and island families face great challenges in dealing with the effect.

The vision of the Mango Tree Respite Center is to help provide care for these and other handicapped children and their families, many of whom can lead full lives if there is intervention.

The following are 4 areas of focus for this ministry:

(1) Respite Care: Providing comfortable and hygienic respite care to people with disabilities as well as their families.

(2) Vocational and Educational Service: Providing vocational training and educational service to help people with disabilities and their families to overcome or minimize the obstacles.

(3) Rehabilitative Home Visit Service: Offering rehabilitative and minor health care for people with disabilities and their families, paying special attention to the difficulties caused by a disability.

(4) Provision of Wheelchairs and Making Aids: Providing wheelchairs and creating aids and home modifications that will enable people with disabilities to live with self-esteem.

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